The design and manufacture of these modular rooms for this biomass power station in England (Teesside Biomass Power Station), totalling 450 m2 and a capacity of 299 MW, resulted in a saving of 1.2 million tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.

 These large and heavy rooms were designed as several smaller sections in order to divide them up and facilitate their transport to the plant by sea and road. The project consisted of 3 electrical rooms of the following dimensions:

  • Boiler Control room: made up of a 14000 x 4986 x 4255 mm room.
  • Quay E-room: consisting of two rooms totalling 16000 x 8200 x 4275 mm.
  • Fuel Handling / ACC E-room: consisting of four sections measuring a total of 16000 x 13000 x 4245 mm.

The rooms included 20, 23 and 40 kW compact air conditioning units, automatic fire detection and protection system with an FM-200 extinguishing agent (all adapted to BS – British Standard), a power transformer, cells, UPS, DCS.

Another key feature of this project was its composite slab with a 600 mm raised access floor.