• 2005

    A visionary who turned the status quo upside down

    The story of iQuord is the story of Daniel Fernandez. A path marked by effort, self-improvement and collaboration that has turned a personal project into an internationally successful venture.

  • 2007

    Photovoltaic power: the first great leap forward

    14 years ago, everything was new in the world of photovoltaic power. And we were there, together with Siemens, to start the transformation of the industry. Together we completed more than 200 projects (approx. 250 MW), the first of which was at the precasting company Prephor.

  • 2008

    Everything raised to the tenth power

    That year, everything increased tenfold. Thanks to this almost unstoppable volume of work, we were able to hire our first employees, and best of all, Electroinnova, the origin of what today is iQuord, was officially established.

  • 2009

    Big brands, new projects, more countries

    In 2009, Spain was among the leading European countries in photovoltaic and wind energy, but the end of the regulatory framework of Royal Decree 661 led to a major shortage of all types of electrical materials and a major crisis in the sector. Even so, we continued to work with major customers (such as SunPower and Siemens) and we started our internationalisation process with our first projects in Italy, Bulgaria and France.

  • 2010

    500 m2 to consolidate a dream

    The move to the Roces Industrial Estate was decisive for the future of the company. Here, we continue to work on photovoltaic projects for Siemens.

  • 2011

    New groundbreaking events

    At the beginning of this year, Siemens Logistics entrusted us with the construction of the departure baggage system at Ibiza airport and the engineering and installation of the lighting. This highly complex project would later become a new line of business.

  • 2012

    A turning point, exponential growth

    2012 was a complicated year globally. After identifying the problems of working with concrete, we decided to innovate and present a prototype of a container transformer station at the Genera fair. This was a turning point and thanks to the high profile exposure at the fair, we received a large number of requests for quotations. This became our first industrial project (today our main activity) for the Ministro de Hales mine, Chile. In addition, in August, we expanded our facilities from 500 m2 to 2,000 m2. This was the beginning of our sheet metal department.

  • 2013

    Continuous reinvention

    We have always highlighted our ability to reinvent ourselves and cater for new sectors. In 2013, we came across a proposal that afforded us a new opportunity and, thanks to the trust of Astilleros Armón, we managed to win a project to install the electrical systems in two ferries at their shipyard in Burela, which usually covers the Azores Islands (Portugal) route. The new naval division was born and, with it, we were able to close two key projects that would mark the company's future: the manufacture of the Power Stations for ABB in Japan and then the Gran Chaco for Initec (our second industrial project).

  • 2014

    eHouse, our new world

    We continued with our expansion plan and moved to Olloniego, moving from industrial premises measuring 2000 m2 to premises measuring 5000 m2. This new facility became the epicentre of the eHouse business, where we defined the business model, researched and brought major projects to life. Thanks to the trust placed in our company by our customers, TSK Electrónica y Electricidad and ZITRÓN, throughout 2014 we carried out four eHouse projects: two for the 450 MW combined cycle power plant of Ashuganj Sur in Bangladesh and two for the integration of the power and control equipment of the extraction fan drive in a gold mine in the Congo.

  • 2015

    A return to renewables

    Our story with renewable energy kicked off again in 2015. First through the design, manufacture and installation of 32 container Power Stations for the United Kingdom, through our partner Comercial Electrónica Leganés S.L. Then, we made 25 Power Stations in 40 HC containers for our customer TSK Electrónica y Electricidad in Durango (Mexico). We also carried out another local project in El Salvador for ISASTUR, a major Asturian company. The eHouse line and our globalisation continued with several key projects, especially the project for La Reserva Fría de Recka (Peru) for our customer Consonni S.A.

  • 2016

    A new major customer: GE Electrification ABB

    In 2016, we continued our expansion into the eHouse market as we also continued to drive the internationalisation of the company. That year, GE (the turbine manufacturer for Boeing) relied on us for their PCM control room project in Oman