Battery storage at Lumcloon and Shannonbridge, built by South Korean giant Hanwha Energy.

The project consists of 40 independent modular eHouse constructions, for a 45″ container and a total storage capacity of 200 MW, easily transportable by road and sea. Each has all the necessary built in AC and DC systems and is ready to install 484 batteries.

In addition, they include an automatic fire detection and suppression system integrated with the remote control system, humidity control and cooling system with customised channelling for battery requirements.

The system has been certified in line with Ireland’s high fire prevention requirements, due to its proximity to peat fields, and has received the necessary electrical certification by the local authorities for connection to the country’s electricity grid.

One of the complexities of this project has been the delivery deadline. We had to manufacture and commission 5 MW per week. Commissioning and technical assistance by our specialised technicians in the middle of the COVID pandemic, adapting to the mobility and contact restrictions of the destination country.

Reference project for the Irish government to disconnect from fossil fuels.