The Pelham Storage project was, at the time, the largest battery project in the European Union. The project consists of 6 double units (13,700 x 5,018 x 3,815 mm) and 1 single unit (13,513 x 2,637 x 3,525 mm) with 92 and 46 racks respectively for Samsung SDI Lithium-Ion batteries.

Each unit included DC cabinets with output for SMA Sunny Central 2475 inverters, AC cabinets for auxiliary services, temperature and humidity control to meet the battery manufacturer’s requirements, communications, fire detection and suppression. All this with exposed and underfloor fittings and adapted to British standards.

The installed cooling capacity of each climate unit was 27 kW in a redundant system and with external and internal conduction, with 5 in the double units and 3 in the single unit.

The execution period was only five months from the signing of the contract to the commissioning of the plant. Technical assistance and commissioning by our specialised technicians in the destination country.