We designed and manufactured a modular room (15x5x4.2 metres) in a single module, for a new 6kV distribution centre at the CEPSA refinery in La Rábida (Huelva). The goal of this project was to achieve greater reliability, safety and operability in the operation of the facilities.

It was designed for highly corrosive environmental conditions and with a 15 Pa overpressure system with chemical filtration. The room is equipped with a redundant fire detection and suppression system that meets the strict requirements of a refinery facility, as well as a redundant air conditioning system.

The external elements installed in the building comply with ATEX requirements for installation within a refinery complex.  The auxiliary systems were designed to adapt to the control needs of the plant. The room was tested and tried at the factory in the presence of the end customer, which led to significant savings in on site assembly times.