A project in which 5 MW photovoltaic parks were developed in the towns of Sakura, Miyagi, Chiyoda, Shiga, Amimachi, and Kinugawa in Japan. We undertook the modular production of 9 inverter centres, cells, and transformers. Buildings with strict structural requirements against earthquakes.

Among the complexities of this project, we found ourselves developing a solution with a high degree of tested airtightness that was certified by the local company, as well as having large roof-mounted extractor hoods for large airflows.

Extremely compact modules prepared for external manoeuvring of inverters and cells, with large doors opening vertically to facilitate access to the equipment and roof platform.

This project was a major challenge for iQuord, as it was our first project in this target country and it was also technologically complicated. Our team travelled there for more than 3 months to provide technical assistance.