At Volkswagen in Navarre, we installed the electrical and control system of the Ekfurt press line. We replaced the Indramat motors and inverters, SEW elements installed in the feeder, the Siemens elements in the feeder and presses and the Piltz elements that provide safety for the entire line of presses and feeder.

We also installed the Profinet network, replaced the air conditioning equipment in all cabinets, encoders, temperature and pressure probes and cable rack reels.

The difficulty of this project was the deadline. We had to build one of the presses during the factory shutdown at Easter, we had to dismantle all the existing equipment and install the new elements, connect and test a press, which served as a prototype, in just three days.

Subsequently, during the July shutdown, we worked on the rest of the presses and feeder, with the additional difficulty that we had to allow 15 days for the programming staff to carry out their tasks.

To meet these deadlines, we deployed a team of 16 people, who worked shifts.

In addition, after testing and running time, changes had to be carried out at times when the factory was down: from Saturday noon to Sunday noon, on weekends, and at the Christmas shutdown.