With a total of 24 containerised power units for the towns of Pasaquina, Conchagua, El Carmen, Jiquilisco, San Esteban de Salitrillo, and Sonsonate (in El Salvador) and 12 skid power units for the towns of Guazapa I, Guazapa II and Nejapa, we installed a total of 100 MW of photovoltaic power in Bósforo.

This challenge resulted in a major contribution to energy security and environmental sustainability.

In both cases, we were able to integrate a total of up to 5.5 MW in just 26 m2, including medium voltage cells, power transformers and their oil collection tanks, SMA SC2200-2750 central inverters, as well as auxiliary cabinets for power supply, protection, control, and communications. All solutions are adapted to the conditions of temperature, humidity and altitude which are extremely demanding in the country of destination.

All of this was tested and programmed at iQuord to shorten on site commissioning times.




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