A photovoltaic production system for Cardiff connected to two different distribution grids with a choice of the number of power transformers dedicated to one grid or the other. At no point do these grids interconnect with each other. The entire solution fits in standard containers for transport by road or sea. Engineering and design based on the British Standard and adapted to the grid requirements set out by the local distribution company with interlocking and blocking systems linked to the production system.

For reliability purposes, we trialled and tested the product with our customer before it left the factory and we offered technical support and commissioning in Britain by our specialised technicians.

This project had the particularity of coinciding with the beginning of the Covid’19 crisis, which complicated logistics. We had to store the buildings in a local warehouse for three months until the project could be resumed, plus shipping arrangements, road transport in Britain and unloading. This was all coordinated by iQuord.