A significant step towards a low carbon economy with the installation of a 99kW photovoltaic plant.

[Avilés, Asturias] – In a significant step towards environmental sustainability and energy efficiency, iQuord S.L. has announced the launch of its new photovoltaic installation project with a capacity of 99kW and an integrated energy storage system. This pioneering project has been accepted within the line of aid for low-carbon economy projects, a program aimed at promoting the generation of electrical energy from renewable sources.

With a total investment of 155,505.56 euros, the project has received a significant financial boost thanks to a subsidy of 47,120.83 euros, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and managed by the Institute for Diversification and Energy Savings (IDEA). This investment reflects the commitment of the European Union and iQuord S.L. to move towards a cleaner and more sustainable economy.

The photovoltaic installation of iQuord S.L. It not only stands out for its impressive capacity of 99kW but also for its energy storage system. This system allows greater efficiency in the use of generated solar energy, optimizing its availability and contributing to the stability of the electrical grid.

This project represents an important milestone on the path towards the energy transition and the reduction of the carbon footprint. The energy generated will contribute significantly to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, aligning with the European Union’s objectives of promoting more sustainable and environmentally friendly development.

The support received from the FEDER and the IDEA is a clear indication of the potential and importance of projects such as that of iQuord S.L. in the promotion of clean and renewable technologies. These types of initiatives not only benefit the environment but also boost the local economy, creating jobs and promoting technological innovation in the renewable energy sector.

The iQuord S.L. project is emerging as a role model in the field of renewable energy and a tangible example of how technology and innovation can work together to create a more sustainable and energy efficient future.


David Gutiérrez new Managing Director of iQuord