After 12 years in the sector, we are taking a bold step forward to continue leading the energy transformation towards a new business model.

To do so, we are not only innovating in our work, but also in our brand and we present Iquord. Under this new name, we want to continue accompanying our partners to achieve their energy adaptation goals, with security and peace of mind in a changing environment.

Iquord has the same innovative DNA and we will continue to invest in the latest technologies to be at the forefront of the new energy revolution.

We like to listen to all the ideas of the parties involved, as we understand active listening as a driver of change. This allows us to share knowledge to make the best decisions, establish permanent relationships and develop mutual trust. We improve results based on the objectives of each project, and we do so in a way that ensures equitable economic, social and environmental development.

Our company will continue to lead the eHouse market with a plug and play solution for housing electrical power and control equipment that provides a fast and reliable power supply. A cutting-edge technology that will be one of the key players in this energy transformation. We are convinced of the possibilities and improvements it can bring to all of us in our daily lives.

In the same way, we want to play a leading role in the renewable energy market, which will be particularly important in the coming years of this energy transformation. We have made a great effort to develop this line of business in our company and we have realised several major and important projects in recent years which show that we are on the right track.

Our brand promise is Dreams plugged in, making our customers’ ideas come true and in a way that is integrated in the new transition to a new era.

Integral involvement in all phases of the project and a close relationship with our customers will make the difference.

Finally, we would like to highlight the excellent human group that will continue to form part of the company, now as Iquord, and their values, as well as their performance in the projects they carry out and in the technical support they give to the companies we work with. They are the most important component for us and create the added value that is key in such a dynamic market.

David Gutiérrez new Managing Director of iQuord